In his latest body of work, Giacomo Brunelli turns his distinctive lens on the most photogenic of cities, Venice. In January 2020, Brunelli took to the bridges and canals of Venice, two months after the city experienced devastating flooding – a result of the worst acqua alta, or high water, in over 50 years. Having always been fascinated by the city’s vulnerability, he embarked on a project that explores the archipelago’s uniquely intricate landscape: over 100 islands, connected by countless bridges and waterways.

Venice features Brunelli’s distinctive film-noir style to create a unique and evocative view of the city and its famous landmarks. He softens the landscape, as well as its anonymous figures, into black-and-white chiaroscuro, the glimpses of gondolieres and abstract reflections an emblematic depiction of an enduring city. Working entirely in analogue format, Brunelli shoots his photographs with a 1960s Miranda Sensomat 35mm camera, given to him by his father, and meticulously handprints his photographs in limited edition prints.

Giacomo Brunelli’s previous major projects, The Animals, Eternal London and New York have all received widespread critical acclaim and been published as books by Dewi Lewis Publishing. His work has been exhibited internationally and been the recipient of awards including Sony World Photography and Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward. Venice is also available as a book, a standard format and a special edition with two limited edition print options. 

Prints are available as Silver Gelatin 9 x 12″, Edition of 10 – prices starting at £850 and 20 x 24″, Edition of 5 – prices starting at £1,500.

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