• Duomo Ceiling, Siena
    Duomo Ceiling, Siena, by Gaetano Gentile
  • Invincible
    Invincible by Lydia Panas
  • Sari
    Sari by Manuel Capurso
  • Hidden
    Hidden by Florian Beckers
  • Priest
    Priest by John Heseltine
  • Chair
    Chair by Richard Rowland
  • Untitled (Woman Lowering Head), 2005
    Untitled (Woman Lowering Head), 2005 by Estelle Lagarde
  • The Blue Rose
    The Blue Rose by Christine Mathieu
  • The Beach
    The Beach by Gina Glover
  • Gas Masks, 2006
    Gas Masks, 2006 by Christoph Bolten
  • Child & Walrus
    Child & Walrus by Beau Brashares
  • Girl, Mask & Mirror
    Girl, Mask & Mirror by Beate Lie
  • Naked
    Naked by Christine Mulliez
  • Toy Ship
    Toy Ship by Sian Bonnell
  • Statue
    Statue by Hana Jakrlova
  • Drug
    Drugs by Michael Ormerod
  • Shelter
    Shelter by Stuart Mills
  • View Inside
    View Inside by Poppy Villeneuve
  • Poppies
    Poppies by Nadege Meriau
  • Pink & White
    Pink & White by Magali Nougarede
  • Untitled (Idea), 2006
    Untitled (Idea), 2006 by Jan Dunning
  • Wake
    Wake by Jamie Parslow
  • Circus
    Circus by Guillaume Amat
  • Doll’s Head
    Doll’s Head by Daniel Treacy
  • Elvis
    Elvis by Andrew Lever
  • Window, New York
    Window, New York by Andre Thijssen
  • Boatman
    Boatman by Adri Berger