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“Nothing’s Coming Soon” is the first photography monograph by artist Clay Jordan. The images were primarily made in the American South within the last five years. The themes of death, mortality, and decay are counterbalanced with images of grace and unmitigated beauty. What emerges is a poetic, existential meditation on the human condition. “Nothing’s Coming Soon” will be published in February, 2019 by Fall Line Press.

‘…He became a connoisseur of the chance and waywardness that would bring the photographer, all randomly, to these ensigns of a wisdom beyond him. Not for nothing would the photographer stop at nothing, sensing in the small perusal, the happenstance glance, the opportunity to allow a little of the filter and glitter of the sky to rain on the steps leading to nowhere, on the blank field, on the blue bra strap.’ – Extract from introduction to the book by Alexander Nemerov.

Clay Jordan is a photographer and musician who has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally. He currently resides in Athens, Georgia where he teaches photography at the University of Georgia. His first monograph, “Nothing’s Coming Soon”, will be published in February of 2019 by Fall Line Press. To pre-order your copy, click here

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