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British photographer Morgan Silk has captured his nocturnal wanderings around the United States in a series of beautifully rich and dreamy black and white images. Taken during a road trip across the US in 2014, starting in NY and ending in New Orleans via Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama, ‘Nightwalks’ captures cities and its people in reflective and introspective mood, a certain hush fallen in the small, quiet hours.

Silk states about the project, “Similarly to much of my other work, the images are purely observational and were unplanned without any particular concept or idea of any particular subject, shot on the hoof with a pocket camera and no other equipment. No setting up, no waiting for the light. More akin to street photography in approach. I warm to the concept of no concept when out with a camera, it’s where my love for photography began and I find the best images I make come out of nowhere, unexpectedly and without preconceived ideas. You have to allow yourself to be receptive and let things flow freely, just being there in a totally new place, equipped and present at the right moment. The images instinctively come to you if you are open to seeing them. Thinking can get in the way sometimes so simply going out with a camera in this way is more about photographing by feel and less about thinking.”

Morgan Silk is a highly successful and award-winning advertising and fine art photographer. His highly acclaimed project Zoo won an Association of Photographers Gold Award and an Honourable Mention at the International Photo Awards (2009). His portrait of Jake Tassell from the series ‘After The Riots’ was selected as one of the 6 limited edition covers of 2009’s Creative Review Photography Annual. His ‘Saturn V Rockets’ series won ‘Award of Excellence in Communication’ at the Arts Photography Annual Awards 2016.

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