• Poolside Backgammon

    Poolside Backgammon

  • Pool at Villa Gli Arieti

    Pool at Villa Gli Arieti

  • Pool at Las Brisas

    Pool at Las Brisas

  • Park Avenue, 1953

    Park Avenue, 1953

  • Palm Beach Streets

    Palm Beach Streets

  • Palm Springs Riders

    Palm Springs Riders

  • Palace Hotel

    Palace Hotel

  • Oleander Drive

    Oleander Drive

  • Ocean Club

    Ocean Club

  • Caped Skiers

    Caped Skiers

  • New York Picnic

    New York Picnic

  • Nassau Speed Week

    Nassau Speed Week

  • My Toy

    My Toy

  • Mustique


  • Monocled Miss

    Monocled Miss

  • Mies in Chicago

    Mies in Chicago

  • Marquess of Waterford

    Marquess of Waterford

  • Cadillac Cars

    Cadillac Cars