Jo Crowther was born in York in 1963, and a childhood of much travelling resulted in her attending 14 different schools. The constant travel heightening her observation skills and awareness of her surroundings, and Crowther began recording her daily life through photography and processing and printing her own photos at age 14. Her early 20’s were divided between assisting an advertising location photographer and travelling extensively on her own personal projects to Asia, America and Australia. A large collection of her photographs from this time are held in the Royal Geographical Society’s archives.

In 1995 Crowther won her first award in the landscape section from the Association of Photographers for the image ‘Pyramids’. A silver award soon followed this from the Royal Photographic Society. Commissioned by the Royal Mail in 1999, Crowther worked with Pentagram to produce a stamp image for the Millennium series, which went on to win a prestigious Design & Art Director’s award.

Crowther specializes in photographing natural surroundings in soothing sepia tones, the warm tones and dramatic light and shadows of these introspective images often present reality from a slightly abstract perspective. Crowther has exhibited extensively in the UK, as well as around Europe.

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