The Morning After – Faye Dunaway, Beverly Hills Hotel, LA, 1977 (Front On)


Signed prints

16″ x 20″: £15,000 + VAT (close to selling out)

20″ x 24″: £18,000 + VAT (close to selling out)

Estate prints

30″ x 30″ (square): £4,000 + VAT

40″ x 40″ (square): £6,500 + VAT

60″ x 60″ (square): £12,500 + VAT

Each size is in a limited edition of 50 and 10 APs. The signed prints were signed and numbered by Terry O’Neill on the bottom front border. The estate prints were introduced after the photographer’s passing to complete editions where not enough signed prints exist. They have a digitally printed signature and edition number on the bottom front border and estate-stamped on reverse.