Jaume Llorens was born in Porqueres, near Girona, Catalonia in 1966. He fell in love with photography during his teenage years having attended a course whilst at high school. Jaume set up a small laboratory in his home where he developed his own black and white prints mostly photographing the inspirational beauty of the natural world around his local lake Banyoles. University, work and family life took over, but in recent years and with the ease and accessibility of digital photography, Jaume once again returned to photography and the beauty of his native landscape.

In 2014 Jaume took part in his first group exhibition. Subsequent exhibition highlights include the LensCulture group exhibition at Photo London 2023, a solo exhibition in 2022 at the Fundació Valvi in Girona, a solo exhibition at the Festival Mirades in Torroella de Montgrí in 2021 and a group show at the Valid Foto Gallery in Barcelona (OFNI Project, 2019). Awards highlights include the 3rd place winner (singles) at the LensCulture Black & White Awards 2022, the selection of his portfolio ‘Deep Inside’ at the Barcelona International Photography Awards, BIPA, 2019 and the 3rd prize of the VI National Photography Competition Canson Infinity (Spain).

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