A native of France, Karine Laval has successfully carved out a career in the New York photography world. She produces a highly distinctive and idiosyncratic style of images both for newspaper and magazine assignments as well as for her own personal work. She has exhibited twice in solo shows at Crane Kalman and has recently featured her third solo project at New York’s leading contemporary photography specialist, the Bonni Benrubi Gallery. Laval’s new project, Poolscapes, continues the themes of her earlier work, most notably her continuing obsession with water, but rendered in a more ethereal, abstract way. In a recent review , The New Yorker Magazine, wrote: “…the coolest pictures are Karine Laval’s pool photographs. Laval has always had a special relationship with the element of water. Her pool project started in 2002, when she obsessively took pictures of bathers at Barcelonetta, a public pool in Barcelona…Pleased with the result (she) continued to take pool pictures all around Europe. Laval’s more recent pictures aredreamier and more elusive, beautiful in a painterly way; they seem to reveal hidden worlds. My mind is seduced into lingering in spaces between the real and the imagined. I want to float in cool waters and forget about the heat wave in steaming New York City.” To see more of Karine’s work, go to the Photographers section.

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