Following the success of Equus and Dogs: Gods, photographer Tim Flach has embarked on a new project that explores the relationship between humans and animals, focussing on how we engage with them within the contexts of history, culture, politics and science. Entitled More Than Human, the new work will be published by Abrams Books in October this year. As the title implies, one of the dominant concepts dealt with is the nature and prevalence of anthropomorphism throughout human culture, the departure from the ‘wild’ identity of animals to their use as a vessel for the projection of our uniquely human characteristics – and our growing obsession with cross-breeding and genetic modification of animals to mould them to our own ends and needs. A graduate of St. Martin’s School of Art, Tim Flach had a long and distinguished career in advertising before turning his focus to personal projects, mainly dealing with animal behaviour and human interaction with the animal world. His highly stylised portraits of animals have brought him world-wide attention and his work has appeared in publications across the world, received numerous awards and been exhibited in Europe, the US and Far East. To see more of Tim’s work, go to the Photographers section.

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