Ellie Davies is a young British fine art photographer who gained an MA in Photography from the London College of Communication in 2008. Much of her work is made in the forests of Southern England, and Davies uses the landscape as a studio space into which she introduces ‘made’ forms and interventions which explore our understanding of landscape as a construct that reflects our cultural preoccupations and anxieties. The work is also a personal exploration of the artist’s own experience of the landscape, the woodland and forest where she grew up. Davies new body of work, Stars, continues many of these themes and tries to address our ever-increasing distancing and separation from the landscape – how our geographical alienation from the natural world in turn creates landscape as an object – one we are distanced from and no longer feel a part of – something beyond reach. Stars addresses this by drawing the viewer right into the heart of the forest which still holds mystery and the potential for discovery and exploration. Ancient forest landscapes are interposed with images of the Milky Way, Omega Centauri and other embroyonic stars to create a forest landscape at once part of and fundamentally other with the intangible and unknown universe. To see more of Ellie’s work, and for sizes and prices, go to the Photographers section.

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