Ellie Davies is a fine art photographer, an LCC MA graduate in 2008, who has been working in the forests of the UK for the past ten years, producing work which explores the complex interrelationship between the landscape and the individual.

Taken in Autumn/Winter 2020, in her native New Forest, Ellie Davies’ new series ‘Stillness’ captures the woodland at a particularly magical and evocative time of day.

”…As the sun sets and the warmth of the day fades, a deep silence falls over the forest. At twilight a thick fog lies over the land, immersing the landscape in stillness…”  

‘Stillness’ will be previewed at Photo London, Somerset House from 9th-12th September.

All prints are available in two print sizes, 68cmx90cm and 90cmx120cm, both in limited editions of 7 plus 2 Artist Proofs. As with all earlier series, the editions will be priced with an incremental price structure, so prints increase in price as the edition sells out.

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