In the latest of our on-going programme of online exhibitions, we present a selection of the work of South Korean artist Jeeeun Hong. Currently based in UK and Korea, Hong received a BA degree in Media from the University of Ajou in Korea in 2007. In 2016 she received Master of Fine art with distinction at Kingston University. Hong works with photography, painting and installation.

Using her multidisciplinary practice to aid her investigations, Hong’s work aims to create a personal sanctuary; a place where the viewer is invited to discover a personal sanctuary of their own. Hong’s work explores the constant balance and struggle between being herself and her life choices, these dynamics are essential to the growth of her personal sanctuary. In her most recent work, Hong has incorporated the use of fabric as a metaphor for the personal sanctuary.

Hong’s work has featured in several exhibitions including, Arirang at the Korean Cultural Centre in London, Air 2015 at the Muse Gallery, London, Fill The Gap 2016 at the Hidden M Gallery and 뜰 展 at the Idea Factory both in Seoul. Hong will have a major solo show at the JH Gallery in Seoul, South Korea later this year. To see more of Jeeeung Hong, please visit

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