Judith Lyons is a new artist to feature with Crane Kalman Brighton, although one of her images was shown in The Foto 8 Awards Exhibition in 2009. The image featured was from A Different Nature – a series of beautiful still-lives created in the darkroom without a camera or film. The final images were both the result of the coincidence of light, the subject matter and photographic chemistry, and look at the ability of the photographic process to both reveal and transform the world around us.

Her latest body of work, Photographic Reproduction, features images from the human reproductive cycle that are scanned, duplicated and manipulated to create complex, geometric patterns which parallel contemporary photographic processes with the modern developments in conception that enable human life to be created in the laboratory. A graduate of Central St. Martin’s and the LCC, Judith’s work has been published and exhibited both nationally and internationally, and her latest series has been awarded a silver medal in the 2012 PX3 Awards.

To see more of Judith’s work, go to the Photographers section.

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