Karine Laval has continued her exploration of shape, colour and form with new works in her on-going series ‘Heterotopia’. In these new images, Laval’s evolving exploration of distorted realities and altered perceptions result in seductive manipulations of light and colour, created by combining analogue techniques and digital technologies.

Laval’s images often challenge the familiar perception we have of the world, and can be seen as a bridge between the world we live in and a more surreal and dreamlike dimension. Laval’s distinctive use and deliberate manipulation of colour, as well as the introduction of chance in some instances, contribute to further question the relationship between representation and reality, with some of these works moving towards abstraction and the dissolution of the image entirely.

Karine has just been nominated Laval for the 2019 Prix Pictet, the prestigious international award that combines photography with a concern for environmental sustainability. This year’s theme in Hope. This is the second time she has been nominated, the first being in 2016. Currently, she has a major solo show at SFO Museum in San Francisco, where she presents new and early work from Heterotopia. To see more of Karine’s work, click here.

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