The gallery is very pleased to present the work new photographic artist Christophe Jacrot. Jacrot is a French photographer who found his subject by accident whilst on a shoot to take sun-lit photographs of Paris for a guidebook, but found himself caught in a torrential rainstorm. He decided to change focus, and the images he captured that day were exhibited and then published as Jacrot’s first monograph, Paris in the Rain.

This surprise deluge marked the start of Jacrot’s special relationship with bad weather, whose evocative and often romantic qualities escape us as we attempt to flee it. Since that pivotal moment, he has travelled the world searching out bad weather; he follows reports of monsoons in Tokyo, hurricanes in New York and snowstorms in France and Siberia, capturing the dramatic weather and emotions they create. The cinematic qualities of his work capture an unspoken narrative that flows through each image.

Since 2007, Jacrot has exhibited his work regularly in Paris and internationally. His series In the Mood for Rain was exhibited at the Kunstlicht Gallery in Shanghai in 2013, and in the same year his solo show entitled Black and White, containing works from New York in Black and Blizzard was exhibited at the Young Gallery in Brussels. His book, Météores, was published by Editions h’Artpon in 2015. This was followed in 2016 by Snjor, the images produced from his trips to Iceland, and then in 2017, New York in Black, Jacrot’s series of photographs taken during the blackout caused by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. To see more of Christoph’s work, and for sizes and prices, click here.

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