A native of France, Karine Laval has successfully carved out a career in the New York photography world. She produces a highly distinctive and idiosyncratic style of images both for newspaper and magazine assignments as well as for her own personal work. Her artistic practice encompasses photography, video and installation/projection. Here we present examples from her latest major body of work, Heterotopia.

Laval’s images often challenge the familiar perception we have of the world, and can be seen as a bridge between the world we live in and a more surreal and dreamlike dimension. Laval’s distinctive use and deliberate manipulation of color, as well as the introduction of chance in some instances, contribute to further question the relationship between representation and reality, with some of her recent works moving towards abstraction and the dissolution of the image.

She combines analog techniques and digital technologies to explore the transformative power of the camera and to investigate the process of image making and its relationship to surface and materiality. The resulting works – rich in texture and often oscillating between representation and abstraction, blur the boundaries between disciplines and engage a dialog with other mediums such as painting, sculpture and performance.

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