Working for years in his studio and in the field, internationally acclaimed photographer Tim Flach has portrayed nature’s most alluring creatures alertly at rest and dramatically in flight, capturing intricate feather patterns and subtle coloration invisible to the naked eye.

From familiar friends including the king penguin and the black swan, to marvelous rarities such as the kagu and the Bali myna, Flach conveys the dazzling diversity of birds. Here are all manner of songbirds, parrots, and birds of paradise; birds of prey, waterbirds, and theatrical domestic breeds.

Witness the shy gaze of the southern cassowary and the fearless stare of the Andean condor; marvel at the peregrine falcon—the fastest animal on Earth—in flight, wings outstretched, and the iridescent plumage of the Himalayan monal.

The result of much patience, precision, and persistence, Birds features more than 180 extraordinary photographs. Putting us face-to-face with some of Earth’s most magnetic living beings, Flach evokes the magnificence of the animal kingdom—and the urgent need to protect and defend it.

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